Tuesday, June 23, 2009

One bottle endures, another doesn't

Coca-Cola's decision to replace its 42-foot bottle at Turner Field, where the Atlanta Braves play, reminded me of this bottle, much smaller, older and stranger. It's really a half bottle impression -- the back is flat -- made of rough, nearly-black glass. I guess it's one of those end-of-day pieces created just for fun. The giant Coke bottle also is eye-catching in a marketing sort of way, dressed up with 6,680 baseballs, 290 bats and 86 gloves. But at 12 years old, it is too aged for the world of major league advertising, and a new bottle waits to take the field.


  1. I like this bottle more. Great piece!

  2. Thanks, Joey. It's one of those creations that defies easy explanation.