Saturday, August 1, 2009

Herbert H. Cartland, Ivanhoe 8

Found these items in a group antique shop in Asheboro, N.C. I did a little research on Herbert H. Cartland and the information conflicts. One site said he was born around 1897 in Guilford County, N.C., and married Sarah. Another site said Herbert H. Cartland received a Masonic degree in 1886 in Greensboro. Ivanhoe 8 might refer to the lodge. The board is a remnant of a small trunk, according to the seller. The buttons have crosses.


  1. Ivanhoe 8 seems to be a Masonic Lodge designation. I think both are Masonic artifacts.

  2. These are Knight Templar artifacts. Ivanhoe #8 would be a Templar Commandery, rather than a Masonic Lodge. The Knights Templar are one of the organizations within the Masonic York Rite.