Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An American in Kolkata II

1. Dozens of bricks are not too many for this carrier.
2. and 3. A man sleeps on a traffic cop stand at a busy intersection.
4. Traffic is chaotic in Kolkata. Drivers communicate with blaring horns, and pedestrian rights are pretty much nonexistent. The kind of jostling that in America sparks road rage is the norm there.
5. A decorated carp (rui maachh) displayed at the home of a bride is an offering of goodwill to the groom and his family.
6. A poor man's home has its own beauty.
7. Even in the narrow passageways of Kolkata's slums, people remove their shoes before entering a home, which often is just one room. I visited a family of six living in one room. Two brothers sleep atop a platform bed and their father sleeps below it. The mother and two daughters sleep on the floor.
8. A weary woman folds up on the sidewalk along Southern Avenue.
9. A duster salesman uses sing-song to draw the attention of residents.

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  1. Stunning photographs. Thank you so much! I have to come back and look at them in greater detail.