Monday, January 25, 2010

Headed west out of Atlanta

Usually, when I head to Alabama I have a destination in mind and I want to get there in reasonable time, so I take the interstate at least part of the way. But a few days ago I headed west with no destination in mind. I just wanted to travel an unfamiliar route and take note of what I saw.
Photos 1, 2 and 3: Ron Tallent has been raising and selling D'Uccles show chickens for 34 years at his home in Heard County, Georgia. They sell for $25 to $150 each.
4. No room for the S on this sign in Paran, Ala.
5. No room for people in this house stuffed with junk on Route 22 in eastern Alabama.
6. A cemetery in Rock Mills, Ala.
7. The place to get dolled up in Roanoke, Ala.
8. The University of Alabama has a good football team, the Crimson Tide. You may have heard of them.
Roanoke graffiti exhorts "Roll Tide."
9. Sing your praises near Alexander City, Ala.
10. A truck with crushed cars, and behind it a truck with logs.


  1. An excellent adventure! Hoping there's more.

  2. I definitely plan to take another unfamiliar route sometime soon.

  3. Nice shots! I love the blue highways in Alabama.

  4. Thanks, Phil. We live in a pretty interesting part of the country.