Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sea rescue painting?

I was told these are waters off Long Island, but there's nothing in the painting that proves that (pardon the glare). It's signed RA Mattson, and the signature is very stylized. This has the look of an illustration for a magazine. The little boat looks like an emergency craft.


  1. This autograph is by the artist:
    - Robert A. Mattson.

    My information dates back to the mid seventies, so I'm not sure if he is still around.

    I own "USS President & HRM Endymion" 1976 - (26"x44") an oil on Masonite piece that the artist donated to the WEDU Channel 3 Art Auction in Tampa, FL. some time during or after 1977.

    The following information is mounted to the back of the painting:

    I. His business card
    "The Gallery of Ships
    Marine Paintings . Seascapes . Ships . Yacht Portraits."
    He had an address in Riverview, FL.

    II. Basic Bio containing reference to:
    - Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY.
    - NYS University, Farmingdale, LI, NY.
    - Member Florida Fine Arts Guild,
    - Presently exhibiting at People's Bank, Tampa,
    - 1st Watercolor, Brandon (1975),
    - Hon. Mention, Oils, Lowery Park (1976),
    - 3rd Watercolor, Plant City (1977),
    - Exhibits at shows and through Florida Fine Arts Guild.

    Hope this helps clear the mystery.
    I believe your painting to be as you were told regarding the waters off of Long Island because he studied in Farmington, Long Island, and he appears to have specialized in ships and historical marine subjects.

    Kindest Regards,

    1. Wow, thanks so much for the information!

    2. My Pleasure.
      Your's is the only other painting I've been able to find online (yet) by RAMattson, so anything I can share, might be able to help others - as well as you and I - to learn more about his work.

    3. I talked to his son today. The artist died in 2013. He was not a full-time artist but was a draftsman. I emailed his son a photo of the painting and I hope he can shed some more light on it.

    4. Wow! How cool that you found his son?! bummer the artist is no longer around.

      I wonder if R.A. or his son had photos of his works. Maybe enough to create a coffee table book or website that could sell limited prints. Or at the very least create a Wikipedia entry about Robert.

      Regardless, did it seem that the son might be interested in photos of his father's works? I'd be happy to send the photo of the painting I have and the supporting papers on the back.

      Thanks for the info!

    5. Email me at and I'll reply with the son's email and share what he sent to me.

  2. Robert, or as we called him Grampus, was my step grandfather. He was so incredibly talented and it's super sweet to see that other people appreciate his art as well!! Not sure which son you contacted, as there are many, but I'm sure they would love to see him other works. We have quite a few spread out between all the family members. I have one in my living room!