Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Olympic memory

In 1996 I was working at the Atlanta newspaper when the city hosted the Olympics. The newspaper attracts its share of odd characters, and not all of them work there. One day this envelope arrived and a colleague gave it to me, knowing I like offbeat stuff. The envelope had already been opened and I had no idea what had been inside, but I didn't much care, the outside was so interesting. Anyone who appreciates the crazy posters made by the Prophet Royal Robertson will see some similarities here. The mailer lived in a world watched over by a wrathful God. The words of warning to the newspaper spilled onto the envelope, both front and back, in an exciting jumble. My guess is the forthcoming onslaught of tourists for the Summer Games prompted the mailer to unleash his torrent. The postmark is June something 1996, a month before the Centennial Olympic Park bomber struck. The bombing killed one and led to the death of another who was fleeing the scene. The perp was later identified as Eric Robert Rudolph.

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