Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Nashville antiques shows

On Friday, I paid a visit to the Music Valley and Tailgate antiques shows in Nashville, some four hours from my home. Along with Heart of Country in February, they are the best shows in the Southeast for the stuff I'm interested in. They are a visual treat and often I find things that end up back in Atlanta. The items pictured here I did not buy, but I liked them.
1. Detail of an art deco Cleopatra cigarette stand, MrModern, Chicago.
2. and 3. A great clown target and a striding lady advertising piece, both from Sniktaw Antiques, Gurnee, Ill.
4., 5. and 6. Knockdowns c. 1900, a carved child with ball and a jointed figure, all from J. Compton Gallery, Wimberley, Texas.
7. Cigar store trade sign, Sharon and Claude Baker, Hamilton, Ohio.
8. Dog painting, Ardon Antiques, Barrington, Ill.
9. and 10. Carving from a house of ill repute and a set of carnival targets, both from Finish Line Collectibles, Campbelltown, Penn.

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