Monday, November 8, 2010

Creative use of bone

The new show at the American Folk Art Museum includes bone structures made by Eugene Von Bruenchenhein. The wildly creative Von Bruenchenhein used chicken parts to build some of his sculptures. Unlike Von Bruenchenhein's work, the piece pictured here, using ham bone, was functional; it held a cigarette pack and matches. One bone has a cut groove to hold a pack of matches. The other held loose matches. The box in the middle held a cigarette pack. The curved bones circling the box and larger bones are held together with woven material. The paint spot decoration is quite elaborate, as good if not better than the paint on Von Bruenchenhein's pieces. Just by coincidence, the same day I received this strange creation, I saw the movie Winter's Bone. Bone -- not ham bone, not chicken bone, but human bone -- is key to solving that movie's central mystery.

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