Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Nashville antiques shows

The Heart of Country, Music Valley and Tailgate antiques shows all kicked off Thursday in Nashville. They're the best shows for people like me who like old folk art and odd things. And not everything is expensive. I went Friday with my camera.
1. 51-inch tall red cedar carvings by Kenneth Anthony Krogmeier of Fort Madison, Iowa. Van Deest Antiques & Art.
2. A 19th century sign decrying deadbeats.
3. Alaskan brown bear carving. Robert M. Conrad Antiques.
4. A painting depicting an 1850s sewer fire.
5. Weathervane figure.
6. A mid-20th century painting of a baby that fell.
7. Whirligig figure.
8. A carved stone love token and a painted dog sculpture.
9. A bizarre announcement about an upcoming "chicken debate" with debaters in black face.
10. Articulated jester.


  1. Wow, the Van Deest carvings are awesome. How much were they?

    The soapstone heart and dog are great too.

  2. Hi, Joey. I didn't ask about the prices. But I'll send you their contact info.