Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Nashville shows, part deux

This is a continuation of the post below.
1. Edgar Tolson Noah's Ark, $32,000.
2. Beautiful carved ship plaque from Maine.
3. Molds used to make Disney toys.
4. Caricature painting.
5. Finely carved cow plaque.
6, 7, 8. Elaborate African-American quilt from Ohio, more than 8 feet long.
9, 10. A real dummy.


  1. Ahh -- I bet you saw lots of great things! -- barbara

  2. I love the old ship plaque from Maine, as always attracted by things from the sea. Did you come away with anything good for yourself?

  3. A few things. I'll be dribbling them out when I get a chance to take some pictures.