Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Native-American club, ex Peter Brams

On Jan. 17, Keno Auctions will sell the Woodlands Indian art collection of Peter Brams, a New York collector. The collection features bowls, effigy ladles, etc. made by Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River. Particularly interesting to me are catalog photos of Mr. Brams' apartment, crammed with those artifacts (and a pair of yellow railroad lanterns he bought from me). The club pictured here also belonged Mr. Brams, which I acquired on trade with a New York gallery. Mr. Brams said it was made by the Delaware Indians (named after the Delaware River, a major river in the Northeast that forms a border between New York and Pennsylvania). The Delaware, also called the Lenape, were pushed off their land and now live primarily in Oklahoma. Before Mr. Brams owned the club, Raymond Saroff owned it. He was a pioneering folk art collector and early fan of the artist Claes Oldenberg. Mr. Saroff made the 1962 film "Happenings," about Oldenburg's "Ray Gun Theater," held in a New York store.

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