Monday, February 6, 2012

An old face jug

A face vessel from the Southeast, perhaps from my home state, Georgia. I know it's older -- 1940s? Chocolate colored and just 7 inches tall.
ADDENDUM: From John Burrison, author of Brothers in Clay: "Indeed, a very nice example, nicely sculpted, glazed with Albany slip (post-1870s). I do suspect it’s from GA but don’t recognize the maker. Could be a bit older than 1940s, as early as 1920s (but excellent condition suggests later). Gillsville (Hall Co.) and Crawford Co. (near Macon) are most likely places of origin; neck and handle details are more like the latter (and Eddie Averett was making face jugs there in 1920s)."


  1. Nice. I bought an old face jug for Larry Hackley once that was
    the oldest one I have ever seen. This one is very nice.

  2. I have noticed face jugs for sale in KY -- I wonder if they were made here. I've only seen one small one -- most are large. They are wonderful. -- barbara

  3. This Face Jug is really interesting. I just purchased one that could be this ones brother. Early face jugs like this are amazing to me and Im always on the look out for them. Im thinking possibly Will Hewell or maby a potter working along side. Great Find!
    Jeremy Wooten SC

  4. Thanks, Jeremy, it is a beautiful face jug.