Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two small chairs

The New York Times write up about Nashville musician and art dealer Kevin Gordon reminded me of these two small chairs I acquired from Kevin in 2007. They were made by Willie Massey, one of my favorite Southern self-taught artists. Massey was a Kentucky farmer who in middle age began making art after the death of his wife. His celebration of rural life in the form of crude wood constructions and tinfoil birds is beautiful in its authenticity. Massey died in 1990 after suffering burns in a house fire. The chairs are 8.6 and 4.6 inches tall. A Massey bird shelf is available here (fourth row, last thumbnail).


  1. Massey is one of my favorite artists as well, and Kevin isn't bad himself! Thanks for posting!
    Jim Linderman

  2. just back from rural Tasmania,
    great that you both are connected (again)
    mal E downunder