Thursday, March 1, 2012

Husband's message from the land of souls

A chalk portrait on slate under glass that apparently is meant to reassure a widow. The sea of words is somewhat hard to read, but this much is clear: "Dear cass, passions of earth life again I reach from the land of souls to you my dear are of earth I bring to you the joy and comfort and health and peace of mind of that you need In old age but you are just ripening like the beautiful fruit in the Orchard by and by to gravitate to when you belong to the shores of eternal bliss and happiness be Of good cheer for I will receive you into the summer land with open arms And bid you welcome to our home over here And to be again as our whole family never more to part for my love for you all has grown in its purity and as a husband and father I prepared a home for you all angels bless you for I am always with you. -Smith Steel
It's from Jefferson, Ohio.

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