Sunday, April 29, 2012

Neighborhood festival

Every year during the last weekend of April we're trapped in our Atlanta home. Surrounding streets are closed for one of the city's biggest outdoor events, the Inman Park Festival. We throw open our home to friends who hang out on the porch to talk, drink beer and wine, and watch the thousands of passersby milling around the vendor booths on the street. For many the highlight of the event is the somewhat ragtag Saturday afternoon parade. Just when you think the parade is over, some other group comes marching around the corner. It goes on for quite awhile. Before guests started arriving Saturday, I did a quick stroll and took some iPhone photos. The painted fabric sculpture is by an Atlanta artist, Wycliffe Lincoln Bennett. Mike Snowden of Marietta, Ga., plays one of the electric box guitars he makes. Nashville artist Mr. Hooper's paintings are cartoonish. Katherine Linn of Atlanta makes linoleum-block linocuts. The Clermont Lounge print shows an Atlanta nightspot famous for its topless senior women. AARP take note.

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