Saturday, November 3, 2012

The well-traveled suitcase

This leather bag was manufactured by J.H. McNamara Trunk Works in Chicago, but made its way to other side of the world. The stickers that are discernible identify cities in South Africa and Australia. James Henry McNamara was born in Chicago in 1865. McNamara Trunk Works began as C.A. Taylor Trunk Works in 1880. McNamara was incorporated in 1905. The business operated at 138 Monroe and 184 Clark streets, for you Chicagoans. A velvet strap with rhinestones and a 1-cent stamp were found inside the trunk. The owners initials were G.A.W., stenciled on the side.

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  1. Oh, I'm trying to imagine the owner. It looks like a man's suitcase, despite any velvet strap with rhinestones.
    George Andrew Wilson
    Gottfried August Winkel
    So many possibilities...