Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nashville antiques shows

The Tailgate-Music Valley and Heart of Country antiques shows ended Saturday. They were a visual treat for somebody like me who's nuts about old self-taught art and unusual antiques. The items pictured were all unsold when I saw them Saturday. Jim Hirsheimer was offering the display boy at the top. The painting with the giant baseball glove, by Pliny McConnell of Atlanta, 1947, was in the booth of Monty Young Antiques ( Greg Kramer was selling the painted open mouth pottery head and the primitive wood figure.  The antique diving helmet belonged to Bud Weinert ( Francis Crespo (fineantiques68) offered the fine painting of the American Indian in the idyllic setting (Southern?) and a whirligig that was appraised on Antiques Roadshow prior to Francis acquiring it. The two stone heads are reminiscent of Popeye Reed's work but are not by him. VanDeest Antiques ( was the seller.

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