Friday, May 10, 2013

Surprise Attack Near Harper's Ferry

An 8-foot-wide painting at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, Ga., done around 1868 by George Mooney, who served in the Georgia infantry during the Civil War. Surprise Attack Near Harper's Ferry shows Confederate bathers in the Potomac River scrambling as Union soldiers fire on them. One of those bathers was the 20-something Mooney.


  1. Wow! Great share, thanks. I can imagine Mooney's outrage. (Outrage considerable enough for him to make the painting 8 feet long!) I'm no art scholar, but I'd rank this one of the greatest anti-war paintings ever. If we MUST have wars, I sure wish we could all agree on a temporary truce during bathing. That is just low.

  2. Agreed. Firing on bathers, especially those who haven't scrubbed in two weeks, should be a war crime.